Democratic Values

Shelton's Welcome Sign, it says Keep Mason County Green and Keep Washington Green.

  • Universal Healthcare: Healthcare is a human right.
  • Living-Wage Jobs: A fair economy and tax system and the right to organize labor unions.
  • Getting Corporate Money out of Politics: Repealing the Citizens United law that says corporations are people.
  • Social Security: As a safety net for the elderly, disabled, widows and children.
  • Free Public Education: From Pre-School through College or Trade School.
  • Full Equality: Regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or national origin.
  • A Fair Criminal Justice System: Where the rule of law is applied to everyone.
  • Corporate Tax Reform: Where everyone pays a fair share.
  • Common Sense Gun Laws: Raise the age limit, require background checks, ban military semi- and automatic weapons.
  • Economic and Social Justice: Closing the income gap.
  • Environmental Sustainability: To protect our planet from Climate Change and Pollution.
  • A Woman’s Right to Choose: A Woman must have sovereignty over her own body and reproductive choices.